Summer Programme

Merzbarn, Elterwater


10 Days

Curated by the artists for the artist

After leaving university and other academic institutions, we must consider the ways in which we are able to enrich our learning, skills, knowledge, connections and futures. Peer-to-peer learning is vital for this and growth as individuals. Collectively we possess a wide-range of skills, talents and interests. The programme will provide the platform for sharing these, collaboration as well as open discussions and talks. It will act as the catalyst for action.

Working with a group of independent artists involved in a diverse range of practices from around the country and becoming part of a temporary creative community will be beneficial to your practice and enable you to be in the position to take advantage of opportunities that arise and also to create your own opportunities, experiences and work. We will adopt a collaborative DIY attitude to curate and develop the 10 days. In order to do this, we will be encouraging proposals from you. As well as this, there will be time for your own work and organic developments in response to the area. We hope that this will lead to future events, exhibitions and collaborations. We are also inviting guest speakers this will be announced as and when confirmed.

At the end of the 10 days there will be an event, a chance to show the works and outcomes of the programme.

There is a maximum of 30 places. Ideally we would like for people to stay the full 10 day duration, however you can stay for a shorter amount of time if required. Please be clear about dates on your application.


There will be a timetabled programme over the course of the 10 days including events, activities and workshops. Earth stamp charcoal burning, scything, discussions and film screenings. These will all be optional – essentially you will be in control of how you structure your time at the Merzbarn. As the site is self-catering, we feel it is important to eat and clean communally. On the 23rd we will be hosting an event/exhibition showcasing works, performances and music with food and drink.